About Us

How does Joleany work?

When you sign up to Joleany you are asked to select the location that you want to connect with. This might be where you live, or somewhere you’re going to visit on business or maybe a holiday. You can search up to 25 miles around the location that you want to explore.

Joleany gives you great information, such as fantastic hotel deals, exciting events happening in the area, local gigs and terrific offers.

Joleany allows you to chat directly with local people, so if there’s something you want to know, or something you need to let other people know, post it on Joleany!

Joleany where you live

Because Joleany connects you with everyone in your local area, and not just your friends, it becomes a powerful tool in helping to bring your community together.

  • Got an event to promote?
  • Need a recommendation for a Plumber?
  • Got something to sell or give away?
  • Need something instantly?

Joleany lets you chat with local people about local issues. You can start conversations using the chatter page on any subject and interact with your local community.

Football team looking for new players? No need to put a banner outside the club that only passing people see. A Joleany post can be seen by the whole community, on a PC or mobile device.

So, if there’s something you need to talk to your local community about, post it on Joleany!

Joleany where you’re going

Of course, we all lead busy lives, and very often we find ourselves travelling around the UK for business or pleasure.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could find out the best restaurants, or exciting things to do in the places we travel to, but before we go there? We all know these things where we live, so who are the best people to ask in the places we journey to? Exactly. The people who live there.

Using the Joleany chatter you can find out anything you want to know, directly from the residents of the place you’re going. Just select the location you are visiting and let Joleany plan your visit.

On Joleany you’ll also find great deals, whether it’s accommodation, dining out, gigs or events.

Want to find out more about the places you’re travelling to? Post it on Joleany!

Joleany for business

Joleany also gives businesses the perfect opportunity to promote themselves to their main customers, the local community.

Additionally you can list your business free of charge by clicking the link on the business page, or from the main menu.

Whether it’s a restaurant promoting a new menu, or a high street store advertising its sale, or a tradesman reaching out for new clients, Joleany provides the ideal link between businesses and their customers.

Our advertising rates are really competitive, and your message will be visible to your whole local community.

So, if you’re a business wanting to connect with your local consumers, post it on Joleany!

Coming Soon to Joleany

We’re brand new and really excited about the features that we have planned for Joleany. We’ll keep you updated with news and information as it happens, but for now we’d like to thank you for becoming part of the growing Joleany Community.

Chat, discover and share... It's your local notice board.